Complex Pre-investment Analysis (Due Diligence)

Complex Pre-investment Analysis (Due Diligence)

Specialists in tax, legal and financial matters provide comprehensive support services for capital transactions for both potential investors and sellers at all stages of the transaction. In order to maximize the benefits of each transaction, we work closely with strategic and portfolio investors and their consultants. One of the areas of such activity is a comprehensive preliminary investment analysis (Due Diligence), which includes financial, legal, tax and technical expertise.

Such an analysis allows you to:

• Assess the risks and benefits regarding the transaction, determine the most optimal strategy for its implementation in the initial stages

• Minimize the risks associated with investment transactions; adjust the cost and other important conditions of the transaction

• Effectively carry out the process of selling a business and, as a result, maximize the income from the transaction

• Get a complete picture of the acquired business, determine the effect of interaction.