Reconstruction of Financial and Tax Accounts

Reconstruction of Financial and Tax Accounts

Recovery in an accounting company is necessary if there are many errors in accounting and tax accounting or for some reason accounting and tax accounting have not been kept for a certain period of time, which may lead to significant tax risks. In this case, the accounting restoration service offered by BDO Turkmenistan will help.

We can offer:

• Auditing of all documentation and accounting related processes

• Preparation of recommendations on the restoration of accounting and optimization of accounting and tax reporting

• Restoration of lost databases of accounting documents, delivery of missing reports to the tax authorities, the city statistical office, etc.

We will make every effort to carry out all work on the restoration of accounting as quickly as possible. We guarantee complete confidentiality and non-disclosure of information about the client, as well as assistance in resolving all issues related to the collection and submission of accounting and tax reports with the tax authorities.